Exhibition of the painter Sergio Manzi at the rooms and apartments of the B&B Busini Rossi Carla in San Gimignano.

Sergio Manzi is regarded as one of the highest exponents of 20th century Tuscan painting. He was born in 1920 in San Gimignano, where he lived and worked until 2004.His paintings, his drawings are pervaded with a very special charisma, they have a great impact and shall without fail remain engraved on one’s memory. They are unmistakably his works. They infuse a deep, special harmony than no one can elude. The figures actually speak to the attentive observer, they have something to say to him. They express their feelings and desires, their vulnerability and sensitivity; in other words, they express themselves. Indeed, Sergio Manzi’s works inevitably come alive. He creates art because of his natural need to express himself, because life called him to interpret what he sees and what he feels. Sergio Manzi’s works are, above all, the mirror of his personality and love for people and nature. Starting from this basis, his drawings live, speak and strike the observer. They stir fantasy and induce meditation. They enrich, stimulate and fill the observer with happiness. Those who understand the message and all the charm of Sergio Manzi’s paintings end up feeling grateful. His works travel the world to live their lives; but at the same time, they will always speak with his voice, in all the languages of the world. And everywhere they go, they are understood. Art, true art, is global. It has always been, and will always be. Through his works, Sergio Manzi becomes immortal, almost like his hometown, San Gimignano, for all generations.