2 (+3) pax, 74 m2
The special location of these bedrooms, in a beautiful 14th century palace on Piazza della Cisterna, lets guests enjoy the lovely view of the Tuscan countryside and the charm of the medieval towers of San Gimignano. The four bedrooms, one from which to admire one of the most beautiful views of the wonderful Tuscan countryside, two with two pairs of double lancet windows of enchanting beauty overlooking Piazza della Cisterna and, finally, the third one, with the ancient fireplace, around which in the past sat the members of the "Tortoli" family, are decorated with antique furniture and have stone walls, wooden ceilings and Tuscan cotto floors. The bedrooms can accommodate 2 to 3 people with the addition of a bed, as they are very spacious. They have a fridge and ensuite bathroom with shower.